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fOURTEEN YEARS AGO some pals rented an office space in downtown Fort Worth, Texas for no good reason. the moment the phone line was connected, the phone rang. It was the wrong number by someone thinking they called a pizza place. It became apparent that we had a phone number that was coincidentally close to two different pizza places, a bail bondsman, and an old woman named Shirley. After a whole year of wrong-number callers going unanswered, it was time to take a call.
From that moment on, it became clear that no matter how ridiculous the call got, people will put up with the most implausible crap if they believed they're going to get to eventually order a pizza or talk to Shirley. As a result, they real good!
These people are either really stupid or really hungry.
   — Blip the Cat, WPB Fla
Shirley's hair must be curlier than a poodle's with her hair always being "in she curlers!"
   — Vik4Prez, Dallas TX
Been a fan for years, heard the Nika calls probably 600 times and I still can't get over what you put her through.... and she still gave you a 5 rating, lol!
   — Clay, Fort Worth TX
You think The Jerky Boys meet Jim Florentine when you listen to this large collection of calls from people trying to order a pizza. Original and hilarious.
Undoubtedly the feel-good prank call site of the year.
if you´ve heard any of the calls, feel free to leave a comment here ;) name city
PLAYING TIME: 67 minutes
01 They Clicks  09 Mandarin Orange Topping 17 Emergency Room III 
02 Shirley I   10 Tax Free Weekend I 18 No Coupon
03 Basketball I 11 Tax Free Weekend II 19 Vidalia Onions 
04 Basketball II 12 Tax Free Weekend III 20 On a Submarine
05 Basketball III 13 Out of Cheese I 21 Beekeepers
06 Basketball IV  14 Out of Cheese II 22 Pepperoni Song
07 Cok-a-sheen I 15 Emergency Room I
08 Cok-a-sheen II  16 Emergency Room II
PLAYING TIME: 60 minutes
01 Nika I  13 Cleo V: Walter 25 Disclaimer
02 Nika II 14 Cleo VI: Wrong Number 26 Forget It
03 Fo' Real 15 Cleo VII: Yer a Libra 27 Forty-two Blast
04 Wrong Number 16 Espańol I 28 Good Times
05 Angry Lady 17 Espańol II 29 Grape Pop
06 Casey Kasem 18 Espańol III 30 Eighteen Hellos
07 Church 19 Automated System 31 Impatient
08 Explosion 20 Brush it Off I 32 Oox Girl
09 Cleo I: Y'alls Specials 21 Brush it Off II 33 Sausha! 
10 Cleo II: Cinn-a-ma-stix 22 Chicken Wings I 34 Shirley: Pancakes
11 Cleo III: City of Texas 23 Chicken Wings II
12 Cleo IV: Cuz I'm a Man!  24 Chicken Wings III
PLAYING TIME: 84 minutes
01 Los Clicks  13 Lookee Here 25 Azle II
02 Olde Drunk  14 Dirty Harry 26 Fubada
03 Reality-based Series 15 Snickers the Dog 27 Fubicia
04 Rodriguez 16 Stereotyping 28 Grape-a-Lotta
05 Regis 17 Super Bowl 29 Jemima's Appointment
06 Issues I 18 They Rain I 30 Shirley: In She Curlers
07 Issues II 19 They Rain II 31 Shirley: Nails Done
08 Gonna Bust Yo' Ass 20 We've Got a Pizza for You 32 Thelma
09 Jamika 21 What Day is it? 33 I Ain't in no Lubbock!
10 Fubacrunch 22 Ally McBeal Special 34 Catfish Pond 
11 Legal Help 23 Ji-Whoo?
12 Cheese Stick 24 Azle I
01 Riley Martin  02 Bail Bonds I 03 Bail Bonds II 04 Cruise I 05 Cruise II
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